Monday, January 23, 2012

.............Nothing New

Just checking in since I haven't in awhile. Nothing really exciting going on around our household. Everyone is staying healthy. As you noticed I said staying healthy, not staying uninjured. LOL

Marissa has been having trouble with her knee again and fell down the stairs last week. Took her to the dr and they did xrays (useless) and said we don't see anything. Well no you don't because a xray won't show any issues with the tendons/ligaments/muscles silly. So they had to order her a MRI so that was another 3 days. She went on Friday for that and we don't go back till next Monday for the results. Crazy if you ask me for waiting that long but supposidely they know best. LOL We are hoping its nothing serious but it is the knee she had surgery on last year giving her the trouble again. Poor thing has a huge bruise on her butt and its sore.

Zach is doing really well at bowling. He bowled his highest score yet 96 game. He was just 3 pins shy of a 200 series too. He is trying to hard to reach these milestones, so he can get new badges, but I keep telling him he has to be consistent too. He still poops out by the time he gets to game 3 but in time he will be bowling 300 games not series. LOL He loves his bowling and we are so happy he has found something to occupy his time. As a family we went open bowling last weekend and had so much fun. He can't wait to do it again. He wants to go every weekend but we can't get him to understand bowling is expensive if you aren't on a team. It cost the 4 of us to bowl 3 games $50. Oh well it was fun and thats what matter most.

School is in full swing for me and i am really enjoying it this time around. It seems like less stress and they want you to succeed. But I can say July can't come soon enough for graduation because my schedule is killing me. I am exhausted but have to keep plugging along because not working isn't an option at this time unfortunately. So please keep me in your prayers for a successful school year.

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